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Luxury Meats Box - 8 Meals for 2 People

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Vacuum Pack

Our luxury meats box features a collection of our favourite cuts from our selection.  A great way to try some different cuts and flavours, we have included a variety of cuts suitable for a wide range of recipes and cooking methods.  Our box features 8 luxury meals to serve 2 people. 16 good sized portions in total! Eat your favourite restaurant cuts at home for only £3.75 per portion.

Our luxury meats box features:

    • 2x West Country Lamb Noisettes (250g)

    • 2x Racks of Finest Devon Lamb (550g)

    • 2x West Country Gammon Steaks (340g)

    • 2x Large Devon Pork Chops (540g)

    • 2x Locally sourced Venison Steaks (300g)

    • 2x Minted Devon Lamb Leg Steaks (360g)

    • 2x Free Range Local Chicken Fillets (500g)

    • 2x 10oz Grass- fed Local Sirloin Steaks (560g)