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BBQ Box Deal - Serves 10

Tax included.
Chicken Marinade
Lamb Marinade
Belly Strips Marinade


Our BBQ box features a collection of great cuts from our range as well as our own  sausages and burgers all made in house from the finest local meats. Select options from the drop down box and choose your preferred marinades.

Plenty of food for 10 - 12 guests.

Our value BBQ box features

    • 1x Tray Minted Lamb Fillet Strips 300g

    • 6x  Beef Burgers 4oz

    • 4 x Old English Sausages 320g

    • 4x  Plain Sausages 320g

    • 2x 6 oz Grass fed Beef Steak 320g

    • 1x 6pc British Chicken on the bone Legs & Thighs  625g

    • 4x Devon Boneless Pork Belly Strips 800g

    • Choose a marinaded for your chicken, pork & lamb