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Luxury BBQ Box - Serves 10

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Chicken Marinade
Chicken Cutting Options
Lamb Marinade

Our luxury BBQ box features a collection of our favourite cuts from our selection.  A great way to try some different cuts and flavours, we have included a variety quality cuts sure to impress such as our giant Tomahawk steak, the perfect cut for cooking the perfect medium-rare BBQ steak and will serve 2-4 portions on its own. We also include one of our whole Free Range Chickens prepared for BBQ, marinaded and cut into portions..... choose if you would prefer the breasts whole or diced for you to make your own kebabs.

Plenty of food for 10 guests.

Our luxury BBQ box features 

    • 2x Minted Lamb Neck Fillets

    • 4x Hirons Steak Burgers 6oz

    • 4 x Hirons Old English Sausages 320g

    • 4x Hirons Speciality Sausages 320g

    • 1 x Grass-fed Beef Tomahawk Steak 700g

    • 1x Free Range Chicken prepared for BBQ

    • 6x Wooden Kebab Skewers

    • Choose a marinade for your chicken and if you would like the breasts whole or diced