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Family Everyday Essentials Box

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Vacuum Pack

Our family essentials box features 7 high quality meals for the average family of 4, with approximately 28 x 125g portions in total, costing only £1.40 each. Feed your family good food for less!  We have included a range of our favourite cuts suitable for a wide range of meals and cooking styles.

Our family essentials box features on average:

    • 8x Rashers of Bacon (240g)

    • 6x Local North Devon Eggs

    • Minced Beef Steak (500g)

    • 4x Boneless Pork Belly Strips (500g Min)

    • Half a Leg of Devon Lamb Roasting joint (1.1kg)

    • Lean Diced Beef (500g)

    • 8x Hirons Old English Sausages (640g)

    • 4x British Chicken Breast Fillets (600g)