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Beef Fore Rib (£20 Deposit Required)

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Beef Fore Rib (£20 Deposit Required) - 2 Bone - Serves 3-4 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Our carefully selected, local grass-fed beef foreribs are the king of beef roasting joints! This cut is taken from the end of the sirloin and encompasses one of our favourite steak cuts  the ribeye, and makes for an impressive table centerpiece. It has natural fat running through it, which helps to flavour and baste it as it cooks, keeping the meat really tender and full of flavour.  Our beef forerib is only available by pre-order due to the variance in sizes and availability -

£20 Deposit required, remaining balance to be paid before delivery or on collection - Priced at £21.95/kg fully trimmed & frenched

As a guide - allow 1 Bone for every 2-3 Adults.

Average weight per bone is 1kg